'Gezondheid' by Heegu Yang


The inspiration of prints came from Christian Iconography. Iconography is kind of a secret visual language which only people with knowledge can recognize. It varies from symbols to letters. Heegu wanted to connect to how Christian’s iconography communicated with the images to Fashion print. 


Iconography is recognizing the difference between different elements in one image. Heegu wanted to combine two different images, one is herringbone pattern image (zigzag) which makes prints look herringbone textured wool coat but actually it is cotton velvet. The other image is Maria's face, which was my key inspiration. You barely recognize that this is Maria’s face because of the visually complexity of two different images combination. 

Heegu wanted to visually confuse the audience by combining different abnormal images. Eventually they can understand what the difference is of those images, this is how iconography communicates. 

Heegu Yang
Sam Bynens