‘From my soul edition’ by Atelier Arty Apparel

Atelier Arty Apparel
Atelier arty apparel is being driven by a deep desire to create clothes with a genuine soul and inner energy, those of the artworks integrated in their design, and which provides meaning and emotion to these clothes.

Atelier arty apparel invites us to express ourselves within our self and show our inner side, unveiling our interiority by displaying the colours and the graphics that affect us personally and are a reflection of our sensitivity.

Atelier embeds abstract photographs of the artist Claude Turlan "infinite worlds". Takes were developed from a silver film, with a 24x36 format camera. The photographed subject being smaller than the film surface, the used technique is so called macro photography. Micro-universes are obtained by associating flowing gloss paints spread on a smooth, flat surface. There are countless ways of arranging colours which diffuse themselves, predominate or disappear. And for some magic seconds, the colours spheres creates short-lived harmonies between them, exploring a wide variety of combinations and soothing colours with unseen textures.

Atelier Arty Apparel
Vanessa Moselle