Nina Flagstad Kvorning

The floral/plant designs of Nina Flagstad Kvorning, from Copenhagen, are both delightfully abstract and figuratively designed. The passion and inspiration from nature can be seen in her work. 

I find a lot of inspiration in nature and plants/flowers - the way they move in the wind, the color palets of the seasons and the joyful feeling their beauty can give. I also love being nerdy with my color work and use weird combinations, like a pink color for something that in real life is blue. I work a lot with soft oil pastel drawings on paper as well, and would like to print one of my works on fabric one day - like a silk wall hanging. 

Working in the design industry we all need to really think about the choices we make when it comes to materials, so we can take care of our planet and its resources and make design that last. I feel better knowing the fabric is sustainable when I bring something new into the world.