Beluga Lazuli

Striving to create a new sustainable and timeless fashion with high-quality alternative bags, that is an innovation that will last for centuries, something luxurious and something Beluga Lazuli strives for.

I find most inspiration in a combination of music, travelling, exploring and being in nature. But inspiration can happen all the time - when you least expect it! I am fascinated by beautiful things and since my childhood I have retained the ability to keep these images in my head or collect them. Making creativity my daily business has helped me to hone and expand this trait over the years. So, when I start with a new design, often I have a vague vision of how it should look like, but then I concentrate on the details to finish the full picture. It’s a creative adventure, which makes my job very diverse and enjoyable, but challenging at the same time. 

For me, sustainability is key as I have also worked for the automotive industry and have seen a lot of wasted resources and materials. We need to rethink how we buy or make products we love. For me, as someone who has started making a product, it has to be the foundation of my brand identity. I like the idea of 'less is more' and 'conscious but with a purpose'. Long-lasting products made from high-quality sustainable fabrics that become timeless collectors' items and can be used for generations - that's what drives me. 


Patrick Reh