Kiskoes Sierkussens by Francisca Zonjee

Francisca Zonjee
Francisca wanted to do something for herself between assignments and she likes to draw. She started drawing cats, one of her favourite animals. Francisca began experimenting with colour combinations, fur structure, fabric expressions and compositions to form one general picture. At the same time I wanted to match the animal as good as possible.

She started by creating postcards but it evolved in making decorative pillows. These pillows are made with velvet because it fits with the theme cats. The next step was creating designs of dogs and birds.

The inspiration for the eastern pillows were eastern and Persian carpets, of which she really liked the prints.  Just like the designs with the animals, Francisca wanted to use colours, because carpets mostly have dark colours like Bordeaux-red and dark blue. To her the best thing was to use bright colours and see what the effect of these colours was. She drew parts of motives, grouped these and created a new design with it.  

Francisca Zonjee
Francisca Zonjee