The ©Balanceplanet (Design Mac Rabago) is a geographically accurate 3D world globe with a diameter of 30 inch. The casing consists of elastic fabric on which the world is viewed sharp, colorful and it’s geographically correct. A lively design where the oceans, seas and mountains stand out. This is because of the combination of traditional craftsmanship and the quality of House of U. House of U does have the stretchy fabric and they know to print this with high quality. During the testing of the product it turned out this wasn’t easy at all. The result is: design and print settings are matched exactly and that is what makes the ©Balanceplanet so beautiful. The outer peel is detachable and washable. The fitting remains excellent by using the elastic fabric. The inside consists a high quality inflatable balance ball. The ©Balanceplanet is effective, groundbreaking and playful and can be used in several ways. The ©Balanceplant is designed by Mac Reijers, owner of Reijers Kaartproducties B.V. and ©Balanceplanet from Veghel. This company provides specialized cartography and advanced mapping products for more than 25 years. They usually do this on paper, plastic or digital but recently they do it on fabrics as well. Geographical accuracy is very important for them. 

Mac Reijers