Rok E-motion

How to add movement to garments?

A wave characterize a movement, it’s the modification of physical state of material or immaterial environment. My concept leans on the graphic representation, the transposition and the modification of the waves which surround us.

=>> In the "e-motion" collection, I express the imperceptible character of the waves which surround us.

The idea whom we would be maybe able of perceiving them, of treating them, to give them a formal appearance and to modify them invites in the curiosity.This collection is built around a concept for which we experiment with forms, materials and technicality.

Seen from a far distance, the waves offer an intriguing show, they seem to be alive.

We treat the body simultaneously extremely susceptible, sensitive and fragile. This is represented in the movement, but also by the graphic design, the colored print, evoking a scrawny structure.The set makes up a space in tension, intimate and spectacular, cold and graphic.

Anaïs Sabre
Stoffen gebruikt
Sander Girardet