'ONE ...... ' F/W 0708

A 'bread crumb track' of a big series of pictures did guide the people to a building which seemed to overflow with these pictures and showed a small collection which has been manufactured from one and the same all-over-print: the small pictures! All these people who wore 'ONE SWEATER' - the A.S.F.T.W! - seemed to have jumped hand in hand en bloc into another world. These people and THEIR world have become - and are visualized by - the clothes in which the size and direction of the print has been applied in a intelligent and creative way.
Or search for the T-shirt that is hidden in the jacket, like the world famous illustrator Piet Paris defyed the visitors in his opening word.
The f/w 2007 collection IS the exhibition. By watching the collection, you see the series of images from the A.S.F.T.W! project. By watching these images in the print, you see the collection. By wearing the clothes one can litterally veil oneself in - and be part of the A.S.F.T.W! universe! A temporary solution... because to definitively join this world one must really have worn the A.S.F.T.W! Fortunately the A.S.F.T.W! was present and one could be photographed LIVE and become part of the exhibition. The pictures were added directly on display devices to the always growing digital A.S.F.T.W! capital.

Antoine Peters
Stoffen gebruikt