Herman is a bird counter. Every morning he opens the house door an hour before the sunrise. He walks through the thin pathways in a highly protected peat area. (natuur monumenten site Fochteloërveen). He listens. Wanders around in his high shoes with a pencil in his hand. Once a while he hears a bird. He hears a sound which is immediately transferred into the picture. The book is puled in his knowledge library. His mind flies with the bird for a moment, just until the hand marks the species into a prepared map. Every bird heard is a dot on the map.

I have made a table cloth for a passionate, quite man, who has lots to tell. The piece of fabric to be put over the table in his dinning room is a map of the area with all the birds marked in. While the quests are eating a meal the dots create an interesting pattern. After the dinner, when one scans a circled QR code with his smart phone and the information over the bird species appears. Table cloth naturally transforms into the conversation starter, object of interest.

The project was done with the help of Herman Feenstra, Shay Raviv, Harke Kuipers, Martijn Snip, Judith Bouma and under the consultation with Eibert Dreisma. I would like to thank them all.


Description of the project:

Plain table cloth printed with colored circled scannable QR codes of the birds position on the enlarge map of the area (precisely printed by printed unlimited), edges are sewed and a small tag is add on the bottom site.


Josef Trojan