‘De Niksnut’ by Tessa van Opzeeland

Tessa van Opzeeland
Since she graduated as a graphic designer she created campaign flyers and posters. But she also wanted to make something to give the ‘Niksnut’a identity and support the campaign. It had to be something tangible what people can wear, so she chose Bandanas.  Just for someone who is not afraid to be a ‘nietsnut’.

More and more people suffer from burn-outs by the stress and pressure that they experience from society. One of the causes is social media and the abundance of incentives that we receive every day. This is called the performance society. Young people in particular are very susceptible to it .They have forgotten what boredom is because they always have their mobile phones with them. Tessa want to encourage more young people to nothing and relax. That is why she started a campaign for a new movement called ‘De Niksnut’ (the layabout). The word is often seen as something negative and Tessa would like to change this. It is good to occasionally do nothing and just relax.



Tessa van Opzeeland
Fabrics used
Tessa van Opzeeland