Personalize your Fashion Mask

Face masks currently determine the street scene in many countries. Since many countries are short of protective face masks in the current corona crisis, we can give the heroes in healthcare a helping hand.

Why not a beautiful and wearable face mask with comfort and style that you can reuse? Not for medical use, but for extra protection.

Design your own face mask

Whatever design you have, at House of U we can print any design on these face masks.

With our modern digital printers, we can print the face masks with designs in every color, on 3 different sizes with high quality. This will give you, as a designer, the freedom to create your own face mask.

The unique face masks are already available from 10 pieces. 

All our face masks are from a high, sustainable quality and are made from the U-circular fabrics from our new sustainable collection. The face masks are washable on high temperature and stay beautiful after each use.

Are you in doubt? Of course we are also happy to assist you with any advice.

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Are you enthusiastic and do you want to design your ownface mask? Have you created a beautiful design that is ready to be printed? Then choose your size and upload your design in our webshop.

Do you have any questions or are you curious about the possibilities to print your design on a face mask?
Then do not hesitate to contact us.