Georgette fabric

‘Georgette’ sounds like a type of fabric that’s very luxurious – which is definitely not unfounded. This beautiful fabric is very versatile and is used to make so much more than just gorgeous clothes: your couch, for example, could be made of georgette fabric – you may have been sitting on georgette fabric without even realizing it!

Are you interested in using this lightweight fabric for your next project, and do you want to know more about it? We are happy to tell you everything we know about this stunning fabric.

What is georgette fabric?

Let’s start at the very beginning: the basic characteristics of georgette fabric  — also known as georgette crepe fabric, because it’s part of the crepe fabric family. Crepe is known for its unique wrinkled appearance, which is the result of a very specific production process: crepe fibers are twisted very tightly before making them into cloth.

Georgette fabric is commonly made of pure silk but can also be made from synthetic fibers like polyester, viscose, and rayon. This versatility makes georgette very attractive for designers: there are so many different types of georgette fabric, that there’s always one that will fit your project perfectly.

What is georgette fabric like, and what is it used for?

Georgette is known for its bumpy appearance: if you run your hand over the material, you will immediately notice that it feels kind of wrinkled. This look makes georgette fabric a real eye-catcher.

So then, what are some of the georgette fabric uses? Well, the fabric is ideal for making luxurious evening wear, but it is also used to make other types of clothing, like skirts, blouses, or dresses. Additionally, georgette fabric is commonly used for home textiles, like curtains or upholstery.

Georgette fabric characteristics

There are a couple of things that set georgette fabric apart from other types of fabric. Here’s a quick and convenient overview of some of them:

  • Crepe georgette is very thin, so it’s best to wash it by hand.
  • The fabric drapes well and is very elastic: an extra upside for designers!
  • The fabric fits different body types because of its flowy structure.
  • It’s great in warm temperatures, because the fabric is airy, lightweight, and semi-transparent.
  • Because the fabric is tightly woven, it’s stronger and more tear-resistant than, for example, chiffon.

Interested in ordering georgette fabric for your project?

At House of U you can easily print your own design on georgette fabric by the yard! Whether you’d prefer polyester georgette fabric — which is great for blouses, summer dresses, or scarves — or silk georgette fabric — perfect for luxurious eveningwear or curtains — all types of georgette are available through our custom fabric printing service.

Printing your own design on georgette fabric?

Would you like to print your custom design on crepe georgette? If you want to check out our wide range of fabrics before you order, you can order our Fabric Book or just order our Eco Fabric Kit to receive fabric samples of our beautiful collections.

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