Workfile & manual

Every size has their own work file** that you can use to make you digital file.
Use the manual* to make sure that you will have the right file with the best quality that you can upload in our Webshop.

** Download the face mask manual.
* Download the face mask work file: PhotoshopIllustrator, PDF.

The U-mask contains 2 different layers, made from the fabrics from our new sustainable collection: U-circular.

The outside is made from U-circular Athleisure. Therefore the face mask is anti-bacterial and fast dry. The inside is made from the soft U-circular Peach Jersey, making the mask comfortable to wear. The lining is anthracite colored.

The U-mask can be ordered in 3 different sizes: S, M, L.
Size S is suitable for children and women with a smaller face.

* Anti-bacterial
* Fast dry
* Comfort fit
* UPF 50
* Washable on high temperature

We do not provide a medical guarantee for these face masks and advice to wash your masks every day after use.

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