€ 10,00

The fabric is expandable with fabrics that are new in our collection. Did you purchase a fabric book before 2018, than the update set is a good addition to the fabric book.

The required information is printed on the card. More information about the fabric can be found on the website by entering the name of the fabric in the search box.

The Update set contains the following fabrics:1990 BA Malakka
2028 CO Bern Eco
1999 CO Fleece
2034 PES Bangkok Crepe
2059 PES Crepe Marocain
2057 PES Dobby Georgette
2038 PES Crepe de Chine
2040 PES Plain Stretch
2039 PES Satin Light
2037 PES Velvet Stretch
1732 RY Rhodos Heavy
2025 SI Crepe de Chine 10 m/m
2071 SI Twill 16 m/m

Here you will find the Online document of 'In the collection'.
Here you will find the Online document of 'Out of the collection'.
Now you can update your fabric book!